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Owner and operator Mike Horn is the man behind Biggs. As a Manhiem Township native he graduated in 1992 and went on to college at West Virginia. As an All Big East Mountaineer he played left guard from 1992-1997. After finishing school he moved back to where he grew up and decided to follow in his mothers footsteps and open his own restaurant.


At Biggs we smoke our meat ‘low and slow’ for more than 14 hours. We pride ourselves in creating traditional Southern BBQ with a taste that will have you coming back for more. Since November 17, 2011 we have aimed to fill your stomachs with a truly unique Tex-Mex taste. Try a signature burrito or some of our one of a kind smoked wings. At Biggs we welcome you to BYOB and enjoy a game on the TV. Make yourself at home and enjoy.


Tuesday - 11:00-3:00

Wednesday, Thursday - 11:00-7:30

Friday and Saturday - 11:00-9:00

Sunday - 11:30-7:00

2005 Miller rd, East Petersburg



*Please ask us about catering or large orders we truly enjoy making any event even better with Biggs carryout!

*Substitutions are welcome. Please just ask!

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Hush Puppies $4.95

Mozzarella Sticks $4.95

Beer Battered Onion Ring Basket $4.95

Basket of Queso and Old Bay fries $6.95


Biggs Big Nachos

Tortilla chips covered in Chili, Queso, Salsa, Black Beans, Sour Cream and Scallions. Small $5.95 Share $8.95

Add Chicken or Pork $3 Brisket $4

Fish and Hush Puppies

Battered cod with traditional sweet corn bread hush puppies and an old bay aioli. $7.95

Chips and Dips

Tortilla chips with sides of Biggs Hummus, Guacamole, and House Salsa. $7.95

Biggs Chili

Hearty chili with Biggs Smoked Pork, and Brisket. Not to spicy and tons of flavor. $4.95

Smokin’ Wings!!!!!

Mild, Medium, Snout Bubblers, Slobber Knockers, Garlic Parmesan, Old Bay, Teriyaki, BBQ, Hot BBQ, General Tso, Cajan, or Jerk. $9.95


Biggs Hacienda Taco Salads

or Rice Bowl

Lettuce or Rice, Tortilla chips, Tomato, Salsa, Black Beans, Cheese blend, Jalapeños, Sour Cream, and Scallions.

Ground Beef $6.95 Chicken $7.95 Pork $8.95

Beef Brisket $9.95








All sandwiches are served on a German pretzel roll or Kaiser roll with chips and salsa. Add any side for $1.95.

Sloppy Pig - Pulled Pork, BBQ sauce and Cole slaw.


Slayer Sandwich - Beef Brisket, Horseradish, Blue cheese, Sautéed Onion and Peppers.


Biggs Rueben - Beef Brisket, Cole slaw, Chipotle ranchero, Swiss cheese.


Biggs Cuban - Pulled Pork, Ham, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard.


Biggs Chicken Rancher - Fajita chicken breast strips, lettuce, tomato, Cheese blend and ranchero sauce. $7.95


Kids Menu

Lil’ Burrito – Ground Beef, Rice, Cheese Blend,Ranchero Sauce $5

Lil’ Fingers and Fries $ 5

Lil’ Pork BBQ Sandwhich $6

Lil’ Fish & Puppies $6


Signature Burritos

Sloppy Pig - Pulled Pork, Rice, Cole Slaw, BBQ sauce and Cheese blend.


Loaded Sloppy Pig - Pulled Pork, Rice, Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, Sautéed Onions and Peppers, BBQ sauce, Ranchero sauce, Queso, and Cheese blend.


Buffalo Chicken Wrap - Fajita Chicken, Rice, Sautéed Onions and Peppers, Lettuce, Tomato, Scallions, and Hot sauce.


Cheech Marina - Battered Cod, Rice, Lettuce, Tomato, Cole Slaw, Cheese Blend and Old Bay aioli.


Fat Sack - Your choice of Biggs Smoked Meats, French Fries or Onion Rings, Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Fingers, Rice, Lettuce, Tomato, Ranchero Sauce, Cheese Blend and Scallions. $10.95

Get it loaded and add just about anything +$1

Fajita Burrito - Rice, Onions, Peppers, Salsa, Tomato, Lettuce, Black Beans, Ranchero, and Cheese blend.

Chicken $7.95 Brisket $9.95




Biggs Fried Burritos

Tommy Chonga - Biggs Chili, Rice and Cheese Blend. Smothered with Ranchero sauce, Salsa, Sour Cream and Scallions.


Richter - Beef Brisket, Rice, Baked Beans, Cheese blend, BBQ sauce. Smothered with Ranchero sauce, Salsa, Sour Cream and Scallions.


Dragon Slayer- Beef Brisket, Horse Radish, Sautéed Onions and Peppers, Blue Cheese and Scallions.


Buffalo Chicken Chonga - Fajita Chicken, Hot Sauce, Rice, Blue Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, and Cheese blend. $10.95

General Tso - Fried chicken, General’s Sauce, Rice, Scallions, and Cheese blend. $10.95



Rice, a roll and a side

Chicken $11.95 Pork $12.95

Brisket $13.

Ribs:Available Friday after 5:00 pm

Half Rack $9.95

Full Rack $18.95

Half Platter $13.95 Full Platter $22.95








Sides: Baked Beans, Slaw, Noodles, French fries, Rice, Roll, and Onion rings. Additional charge of $1 for Guacamole or Hummus. Available Sauces: BBQ, a Kansas City sweet and tangy. Outlaw, a Texas spicy Chipotle BBQ. The king, a sweet and spicy vinegar sauce. Ask to try one or all. Substitute for any sauce.

Thanks so much for coming in. We hope to see you again soon.

Phone: +1 717 5179034



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Biggs BBQ & Burrito
2005 Miller Rd
East petersburg, PA 17520 

Restaurant Hours

 Monday   Closed

Tuesday  11 - 3

Wednesday  11 -7:30

Thutrsday    11 - 9pm

Friday          11 - 9pm

Saturday      11 - 9pm

Sunday       11:30 - 7pm


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